Elect Doc Holliday

Friday, June 25, 2004

Picture on the front page

Front page color pic of "Doc" in today's Macon Telegraph, Friday 6-25-04. Holding a "United-Holliday" flyer.

"Holliday focused on a promise to unify city and county governments and to make government more accessible through televised meetings and the Internet.

"All were asked about future tax increases in light of this year's expected 1-mill increase. Silvia promised no new taxes. Fountain and Holliday said they couldn't make that promise, but both said they'd work to remove duplications of service and save money."
- reported by Travis Fain.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Elect Doc Holliday

My vision:
Unify Macon-Bibb community government.
Expand our Ocmulgee Monument to National Park status.
Introduce safer and calmer street designs into our Roads Improvement Program.
Encourage citizen participation and oversight.
Restore financial independence and responsibility to the Bibb Board of Education.

Please visit my homepage:

And please vote on July 20th.
- Lindsay 'Doc" Holliday